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Crop circle formed in maximum 30 minutes

Knoll Down, Wiltshire
26th july 2012

At 9.30am on the 26th of June, Monique Klinkenbergh flew over the Knoll Down area just west of Avebury in
Wiltshire. She filmed the area as she flew over it, and a still from her footage shows that, at this time, there
was no crop circle in the field at Knoll Down. (The crop circle was later discovered in the front right hand
corner of the pinkish field in the still photo below):

Photo: Monique Klinkenbergh

The next day she learned that there was a new crop circle in the area, and that it had been discovered from a
microlight aircraft by Bart Klein Beernink. The same day she interviewed both Bart's parents, Jan and
Charlene Klein Beernink, and the pilots Julian Midder and Tony Hughes. The following information has been
provided by Monique Klinkenbergh:

During the morning of the 26th of June the pilots Julian Mider og Tony Hughes had several times flown over
the Knoll Down area without spotting any crop circle. The area is only a few hundred metres away from
Yatesbury airfield.

At 11.10am the Dutch crop cicle enthusiast Bart Klein Beernink took off in a microlight from Yatesbury
Airfield. He flew with pilot Julian Midder:

Bart and pilot Julian Midder in front of the microlight at Yatesbury Airfield.
Photo: Jan and Charlene Klein Beernink

Just after take off, they flew over the fieldss at Knoll Down. Both Bart og Julian has confirmed that there was
no crop circle in the field at that time.

At 11.40am they came in for landing over the same field and discovered the new crop formation:

Photos: Monique Klinkenbergh

Only a few minutes after Bart was on the ground, he drove the short distance over to theKnoll Down area
together with his parents and entered the new crop circle:

Photo: Jan and Charlene Klein Beernink

The crop formation was in a field with green, immature barley, and consisted of a row of simple circles.
The formastion had an elegant and interesting floor lay with beautiful swirled centres:

Photo: Monique Klinkenbergh

When Monique Klinkenbergh, the day after the discovery og the formation, examined the formation she found
plenty of bent nodes: .

Photo: Monique Klinkenbergh

The stems with the bent nodes were all fully suspended on the ground.
(The stems did not strech upwards from the nodes, a state referred to as phototropism,- the plant's natural
tendency to reorient itself to sunlight.)

Watch a video from the formation.

Source. Monique Klikenbergh's interview with Jan and Charlene Klein Beernink, Julian Midder and Tony Hughes.
June 27th 2012.

Eva-Marie Brekkestø

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