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Colin Andrews

Colin Andrews reveals the truth about "Operation Blackbird" in 1990
Colin Andrews making head lines - again! This autumn the well-known, and, to many disputed, crop circle researcher has surprised the media and crop circle community in unexpected ways....
At the end of August 2005, the message came that Andrews was going to reveal the proper truth of what really happened on in July 1990, during the 10 days surveillance project of crop circles fields (in collaboration with the British Army), - known as "Operation Blackbird". He stated his reason was this.
The disclosure took place at The Bay Area UFO Expo in California at October 15th, 2005.

 - a classic horse mutilation taking place within feet of the control caravan
 - a "D" notice* issued by the British Ministry of Defense to stop all media transmissions from the site
 - a separate secret army operation where real crop circles formed
 - a ufo was filmed
 - and even a simple formation was forming in front of the Blackbird cameras
 - and much more



Is it real?

National Geographic Channel jumps to conclusion
The Norwegian TV-producer Terje Toftenes retorts to ill-founded assertions, that crop circles are nothing but the results of human activity in the TV-documentary "IS IT REAL?" - a series that has been shown on National Geograpic Channel here in Norway for several months (2005).
He says the programme does exactly what the producers accuse the crop circle enthusiasts of doing: It jumps to easy conclusions: "The programme concludes that be- cause it's proven that it's possible for humans to make crop circles, all formations are man made".
The president of the BLT Research, Nancy Talbott, was interviewed - several times! - in connection with this film (that in the States and UK carried the name "Beyond the Mystery"). The interviews lasted up to 3 hours (!), scien- tific evidence was presented in an objective and profes-
sional manner, and the interviews were all filmed by the National Geographic Channel.

We recommend everybody that you read her full statement.



"The wonder" in Oxfordshire.

Garsington, Oxfordshire: wonderful formation of wowen spirals

On July 15ht a very special crop formation was discovered at Garsington, Oxfordshire. From the air, the formation didn't seem to be among the most impressive ones. The pilot, however, pointed out that the formation appeared to have a very interesting floor lay.

Curious to inspect this floor lay, Eva-Marie Brekkestø and two friends, drove from Wiltshire to Oxfordshire on the 24th of July, to visit the formation. The wonderful sight that met her in the field can be seen in the photos to the left!

More photos and full report.


Three computer-generated
white objects placed by Mike Booth in one of his Boreham Down wheat field photos to illustrate what he saw
on June 21st.

he computer designed illustration of the objects Mike Booth saw moving among thewheat heads.

One of the 20-30 cm deep
trails left by the objects,
ending abruptly, leaving no

Boreham Down 21th June 2005:
Saw three white objects bending plants in wheat field

On Tuesday, June 21, 2005 at 6:30 pm, the Englishman Mike Booth was riding next to Boreham Down, when his attention was caught by three objects moving slowly in the field on the left hand side of the road. The objects were brushing through the top of the crops, depressing the heads of the wheat, leaving a trail about 20-30cm lower than the rest of the crop in the field.
The objects did not create a crop formation, but left four tracks, about a metre wide, where the objects had been seen. These tracks did not form any sort of pattern, and just ended abruptly. The tracks were still there when Mike came back to the field with his camera the next day.

Mike observed the objects from a distance of about 200
wide, abou
t 120cm in long with about two to three feet of a curved top. They were very simples forms with no edge or contours. The shape was not unlike a PC mouse or a 'top box' on the roof rack of cars.

Mike stopped his bike. It was clear to him that he witnessed something out of the ordinary, something he had never seen before. He considered several possible explanations: Could they be farmers with some strange gear, scientific field test equipment, or hoaxers hiding under some kind of moulds? But the paths were between the tram lines and he was thinking no farmer would break down his own crop just randomly.

After some minutes of observing he got on his bike and rod off on his normal circuit. In hindsight he cannot understand why he didn’t walk up to the crafts. He also had his mobile phone with a camera in his pocket that he considered using. However an overwhelming feeling came over him that said no.

The next day a wonderful crop circle was discovered in the same field, only 180m from the slope where Mike Booth observed the metallic objects. Whether there is any con- nection between the two occurrences, we might never know.
Regrettable no photographs of the three objects exist. The only photographical evidence is Mike Booth’s own photos of the trails left in the grain. In one of these photos (to the left) he has pasted data generated representations of the object to illustrate what he saw.


    24.02 2005

av Terje Toftenes

Norsk dokumentarfilm: KORNSIRKLER, visittkort fra det ukjente
av Terje Toftenes
Den første norske dokumentarfilmen om kornsrikelfenomenet er nå i salg, og bestilles direkte fra produsenten på mail-adresse toftenes@toftenes.no.

Filmen gir en presentasjon av det fysiske fenomenet, historikken, samt forskningen rundt det.

Sentrale mennesker i det internasjonale kornsirkelmiljøet er intervjuet og kommer med sine betraktninger.Vi får også høre øyenvitneskildringer og se filmkutt som viser fenomenet oppstå. Anbefales!
Mer info om filmen her.



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