LYSFENOMENER i tilknytning til kornsirkler
LIGHT PHENOMENA related to crop circles

West Overton, Wiltshire England

balls of light near crop circle

The Norwegian composer Egil Fylling has for several years visited the crop circles in England. He has taken lots of photographs, and filmed crop cirles from the air for use in his music videos and crop circle films.

Egil Fylling.
Visit his web site.

On the 31.st of July 2006, he visited West Kennet Long Barrow. From the long barrow he photograqphed a crop circle that had appeared at West Overton Hill:on the 26th of July

Photo: Lars Lundell

Upon a closer inspection of his photos he discovered to luminous objects in te efield next to the crop circle at West Overton:

Photos. Egil Fylling

SOURCE: Egil Fylling

Norwegian Crop Circle Group



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