LYSFENOMENER i tilknytning til kornsirkler
LIGHT PHENOMENA related to crop circles

East Field, Wiltshire England

balls of light

In July 2005, the Norwegian woman Lene Ørnhoft came to Wiltshire in England to see crop cricles. She vistied and photgraphed several formations in the area. A few months later, when
she took a closer look at the photos, she discovered two intersting light objects in one of them. Lene had not seen these objects when she took the photograph.

On the 31th of July Lene visited Knap Hill, from where one has a spectacular view over East Field. She photographed the formation that was discovered there on the 3rd of July:

Photo. Eva-Marie Brekkestø

Lene took two photographs of the East Field formation; the first at 5.19pm,

and the second at 5.20pm:

In the first of the two photos, you can, if you look closely, see a tiny white spot to the right of the crop formation. The spot is not present in the photo taken one minute later.

Zooming in on the first photo, we see what apperas to be two white spherical objects:

One minute later, when Lene took the next photograph, the objects had disappeared :

Zoomed in section of the above photo:
Photos: Lene Ørnhoft

SOURCE: Lene Ørnhoft

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