LYSFENOMENER i tilknytning til kornsirkler
LIGHT PHENOMENA related to crop circles

Knap Hill, Wiltshire England

ball of light

Ed Sherwood:

At approximately 9:40pm, after earlier requesting out loud on camera a close sighting of ‘plasma’ during a solo ‘UFO night watch’, I (Ed Sherwood) witnessed and filmed, using a Sony Handycam set in ‘Night Vision’ mode, a bright amber-orange colored luminosity that suddenly appeared low above the crest of a hillside in front of me, about a mile away. Like a large slowly rising “fire ball’, the luminosity made no discernable noise, remaining visible for about a minute and a half before suddenly ‘blinking out’ and disappearing against the late dusk sky. The luminosity appeared over Huish Hill, one of several sites in the Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire where nocturnal fireballs, atmospheric plasmas or ‘earth lights’, invariably amber-orange in color, have been sighted during ‘UFO night watches’.

The weather conditions at the time were a mostly clear sky, with good visibility, no precipitation, and very little wind.

Foto. Ed Sherwood

KILDE: Ed Sherwoods egen beretning om hendelsen

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