LYSFENOMENER i tilknytning til kornsirkler
LIGHT PHENOMENA related to crop circles

Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England

Ball of light photographed from crop circle 

In August 1999 Eva-Marie Brekkestø returned from England with several photos taken inside the crop circle that had appeared close to Silbury Hill the 24th of July the same year.

Foto: Steve Alexander

But it was not until the summer of 2000 that she discovered a light phenomenon in one of the photos. The picture was taken in a southernly direction, the photographer having Silbury Hill behind him. The weather was rather cloudy. 

After having the photo examined of a professional photographer, she was assured. The "ball of light" did not appear on the picture due to some fault on the film, because the photo was taken digitally. There apparently was no defect on the chip, since the light was not visible on the previous picture or the one after. Neither could the "light" be attributed to reflections from the background, since the ball of light is sharper than the background, and therefore has to be situated closerly.  

There are no houses or roads on the hill side that surrounds the ball of light light in the photo.

Fotos: Sten Fredriksen

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