LYSFENOMENER i tilknytning til kornsirkler
LIGHT PHENOMENA related to crop circles

Milk Hill, Wiltshire England

observation of a ball of light in crop circle

The incident in Charles Mallett's own words:

"On May 2nd 1999 a new formation was discovered in a field of Oil-Seed Rape at Milk Hill, Wiltshire. Visiting
the Glyph on the day of  its discovery and carefully examining it left me and my partner in no doubt that it was
a genuine event and worthy of additional attention.

The following night my partner and I, as well as a friend of ours, re-visited the scene with a view to spending
the night there, me in the circle and my partner and the friend on the hillside overlooking the field containing
the glyph. By 2200 we were in our respective night spots and settled down for the night. It was a clear mild
and starry night with virtually no wind. After sitting for an uneventful two hours something subjectively strange
enveloped the circle, or at least the part of it where I was sitting, as if the air pressure and all the
environmental conditions had dramatically changed into a surreal and different place. No longer could I
perceive sounds of wildlife or the distant traffic noise, nor any other external stimulus that just some moments
earlier had been all to objectively present. This felt very odd indeed.

After several minutes an even stranger situation arose. From my position in a circular element of the glyph
I suddenly noticed a sphere of light the size of a soccer ball emerge from nowhere and hover just above the
ground no more than ten meters from my position. It was partially obscured by a standing tuft of Rape-Seed
plants at the centre of the circle but was nevertheless very obviously there and grabbed my attention


Drawing of Charles Mallett and the ball of light in the crop circle below Milk Hill i 1999
Copyright: Charles Mallett

The light sphere remained still and didn't do anything or change its form in any way at all, it just hung there,
for what seemed a very long time. Time enough for me to move my position slightly to get a better view of
the object. There was by this time no doubt at all, for whatever reason an orb of subtle orange and yellow-ish
light had appeared right in front of me in the crop circle. I sat in a passive state for the time it remained in
view, rather spellbound. Throughout the whole event the atmosphere seemed highly charged and extremely
bizarre. After a further short period of time the light faded out slowly and disappeared. Some moments later
the atmosphere returned to "normal". I then realised that all the external environmental sounds and stimulus
were also back. At this point I fell right off to sleep, very odd in itself after such an odd experience, and woke
the following morning wondering if it had happened at all, then I remembered that my watchers on the hill were
also in situ and decided to wait for them to collect me as arranged and see what they had to say. 

They arrived and immediately started blurting out how they had seen an orange light streaking across the field
at about midnight towards the formation. They said that as it reached the edge of the glyph it disappeared from
their view and they did not se it again. When I told them of the encounter I had had they were stunned and felt
sure that what they had seen tied in with what was going on down in the circle just 600 meters away."

SOURCE: Charles Mallett

Norwegian Crop Circle Group



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